A Regal Nostalgia

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How often in life there is fond memory about a thing, place or the dish that one is part of earlier on in the life. How often we crave for the good times. Times that were spent idling with friends, … Continued

Sambhar Lake : Worth the Salt

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  A chance encounter brought me to a lake. The lake was remarkably different than the other pristine lakes I have been to in my travels. The lake was not situated in the midst of mountains or any other pleasant … Continued

Khajuraho – A Symphony in Stone

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  If sculptures could sing, then Khajuraho would undoubtedly be its most romantic symphony. However before swinging  along with the symphony, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room which in this case are the erotic sculptures of Khajuraho. Yes, they … Continued

Indrahar Tales

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  A mountain called. The call was answered.   Ridges of the Dhauladhar don’t lend themselves to easy trekking. More so when the rains are pouring. The trails are conspicuous by their absence and all you have is a rocky … Continued